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Visual Gateway and Key Players of Ct. River Waterway

This documentary creator, Jerry Monkman, published this film to contextualize the key players who work along the Connecticut River Watershed and to publish some beautiful photography from the project. This 15 minute film conveys the breadth of a watershed, and … Continue reading

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California Water Crisis!! Take a LOOK !!! KT. This is a great site. Interestingly, although the Suffield community does not share the same conditions of the water crisis in California, we share the same goal of hoping to educate the public about the state of our … Continue reading

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Water Fact!! Take a Look!

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How much water a person use a day

How much water does a person use a day

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10 fun water facts

10 Fun water facts

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Water Used in the United States

Water Use in the United States Background Thermoelectric Irrigation Public Supply  Industrial Other Trends in Water Use  We use water every day—for drinking, for watering our lawns and gardens, for recreation, and for many uses that we don’t necessarily see … Continue reading

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Pacific Institute

The Pacific Institute, under the direction of Dr. Peter Gleick is doing some excellent work in the realm of water and sustainable living. Water and Sustainability from the Pacific Institute World water data

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