Karoline´s speciality – Water usage and cost

My main focus will be on the usage and cost of water. I am going to find out how much water Suffield Academy use and how much they pay for it. I am also going to find out how much individual countries use and find the difference in it. Lastly I will find out how much an average family use. I believe that we all use more water than we need to. We take it for granted and sometimes waste the same amount as we use. Many people around the world don´t even have the access to water, so my goal is to try and come up with solution so that we can become less greedy and give more to others. I also want to ask some questions such as; Should there be a limit of how much water we can use? Should there be a law for it? Or should we not worry about it and just live our lives because we can? And is that fair? What have we done to earn that privilege?

So, now we know how much water Suffield Academy use, and how much money they pay for it – and I am sure it shocked us all! This is proof of how we take it for granted, but I also think that knowing this will make us ReThink our thoughts before making them into actions. By making all these posts public and more known, I believe that more people will contribute to this issue.

I also found two new pictures of diagrams showing us where we use our water and how much we use in each category, take a look!



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5 Responses to Karoline´s speciality – Water usage and cost

  1. KT says:

    Nice! It seems like you and I share a similar specialty. Looks like I will be looking at a big picture and you will zoom into the problems. And I guess we can help each other since we will be looking at a same direction. !!

  2. 11aas says:

    This idea will be really interesting because it can be related to people at Suffield and also families and different countries. I like it alot!

  3. bsullivan35 says:

    You have a great direction here.

    Remember how effective The Story of Stuff video was in class during the first week? Could you investigate your topic and then target a similar presentation video for our community?


  4. bsullivan35 says:

    You have been editing this often; keep up the efforts. You ask some excellent questions at the end of your post; let’s discuss some grammar and usage issues in other parts of the post in class. Also, could you explain more of the image regarding hot water? It’s interesting. Do you need the other image of water coming out of a tap? The image is quite artistic and connotes an aesthetic more than a conservation ethic. I could be wrong. Let’s ask others in class.

  5. 11aks says:

    This is a great idea! I really like it because it takes this project to a more personal level when you involve the school. I am also very interested to find out more about the school and our water.

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