Research Skills Homework

Homework: research this source [] and write 6-8 sentences in Standard English. Also recall our editing sessions where we have been emphasizing clarity in our prose and strive to have your prose flow well between your general ideas and specific points.

There comes a time during research when one discovers a great source. One must exploit that source to its full potential. Interestingly, you should return to good sources as you knowledge of the overall research topic has expanded, particularly as you begin to judge other sources by the standard of a good source. Research this source for information on your specialty, your future specialties, as well as how this source can help us educate our community in the coming months as we prepare to collaborate with TREE for Earth Day.


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6 Responses to Research Skills Homework

  1. 321theguy123 says:

    First off, I still find it interesting that an actor (Matt Damon) is such a big figure in this water crisis. He is even in an add for a reusable water bottle on the main page. Second, I liked the link to the “” on the side bar. The whole concept is really intriguing, getting real-time updates of a developing village that YOU are helping out. Its like the thing E-surance does with sending you pictures of your car’s repairs, just on a MUCH bigger and more important scale. I also spent a some time on the “projects” page, and read a few of the projects that are taking place around the world. I paid particular attention to India’s and their sanitation crisis. On a completely different note, did anyone else realize that there is a tiny smiley face at the bottom of the page?

  2. 11kh says:

    I really like this website! It is very organized, which makes it easier to read – it makes me want to keep researching on the website. I found a very interesting fact saying: “The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through diseases than any war claims through wars”. If this is the case, I am surprised that I don´t see this crisis on the news more often. I think that they should make this water crisis more public and “scare” people by showing this more on the news like they do with wars. It also said that every 20 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease – shocking!! I also did not know that you can get a 3 feet long worm to grow inside of you buy drinking dirty water.
    This is a great website. First, it gives you multiple facts about water. The economics of water, the health and diseases of it, and then it gives you solutions. This is very good because people might get scared by reading all this and therefore then look at the solutions. Lastly, it shows you featured projects which shows that this is starting to get taken care of.

  3. Shrimp Chip says:

    This website is really great. I like the tabs on the home page. For example, they have a tab that says solutions. Under that tab, one of the links that people are able to click is “Digging is Easy.” The tab talks about how people can sign up to get a well in the community and the process of getting the well into the community. I also like the tab that shows the different projects that they are working on. they describe what they are doing to help each country and the specific problems in them.

  4. KT says:

    First of all, I did discovered the website in the first page. Hmm, little credit? haha. Ok. I truly love the website because IT grabbed my attention when I opened the website. The content of the page is well-decorated and organized. I love how most of the content is in blue, symbolizing water. Also, on the other note, I love how the website exhibits vivid and informative pictures. As they say that “a picture says more than a thousand words,” the pictures in the website, word by word, reflects that. On the final note, I love how the website encourages people to join the volunteering service, such as donation page.

  5. avery schuster says:

    This web sight is great! Very interesting! I found the Matt Damon global water crisis cause very interesting. I thought it was interesting how the United States has declared water to be a fundamental human right when most of the world does not have that right. Matt Damon’s cause is helping people in need of clean, safe water. I also liked the “Digging is Easy” part. Although to some extent it does make access to clean water seem so easy, but as the web sight also explains it is far from easy. This web sight has alot of countries that are their “Featured Projects”, this is spreading awareness to a great cause. This is a great web sight. Easy to understand and organized!

  6. Ali says:

    This website talks about the importance of water. It also talks about the crisis’ all around us due to water. What is interseting about this website is that it has random facts about water. One of these facts was “over 50 percent of all water projects fail in the first few years.” This is a great website because it informs people with random little facts about water that people normally do not know. Also, another good feature about this website is the solutions page. This is great because it shows families ways to help out with the water problems around the world.

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