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Water Issues regarding the environment   Advertisements

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Marketing Bottled Water–Historical Ad Campaign

Check out this documentary on the most successful advertising campaign in the advertising world. Hal Riney, featured in this film, was the writer of the Perrier commercials that began the bottle water trend in our market. More on Hal Riney. … Continue reading

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History of the Conneticut River

Another great painting for our Connecticut River collection. “Hooker and Company Journeying through the Wilderness from Plymouth to Hartford, in 1636,” oil on canvas, by the American artist Frederic Edwin Church. Courtesy of the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut. Should we … Continue reading

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Water Treatment Plant draft

Intro: History of sewage: what happened to waste in colonial times Purpose of  water treatment plants What people have done in the past with water waste What could happen if there weren’t any water treatment plants Problems without water treatment … Continue reading

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Nuclear Water Leak in Yankee Power Plant (draft)

Water leaks at Yankee Nuclear Power Plant Nuclear power plants in general How do they work? What are the positives/negatives? What role does water play in their power generation? Yankee Power Plant Brief history Specifications Location Problems Water leaks Why … Continue reading

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Economics of bottle water industry-K.T Kim 2nd Newsletter topic (draft)

My second newsletter topic is The Economic of Bottle Water Industry. Generally, it will dig into the areas of how the bottle water industries gain their profit through the production of bottle water. There are many ways for the bottle … Continue reading

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Bacteria Kills More Than Bullets (draft)

Water Born Diseases 1. What is it? 2. How does it appear? a. What countries is it most common in? b. What about those countries makes the water problem? 3. How it affects people/communities a. Where the water is? b. … Continue reading

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