Droughts in the Amazon: a problem brewing?

In 2010, the Amazon ecosystem, the world’s largest tropical forest surrounding the world’s biggest river (discharging 7 million cubic feet per second), experienced its second drought in six years. This disturbing news may be interpreted as another confirmation of climate change projections. The news was reported by renowned forest ecologist Simon Lewis in the most recent issue of the journal Science, 2/4/2011.

Read about Amazon droughts

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Read even more and even more

Who is Dr. Simon Lewis?

Climate Progress blog


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4 Responses to Droughts in the Amazon: a problem brewing?

  1. bsullivan35 says:

    This is a great lead sentence as well as a reminder that understanding climate change requires a fundamental understanding of the carbon cycle. Everyone, should we review the carbon cycle?

    An extensive drought in the Amazon rain forest last year spurred massive carbon dioxide emissions, British and Brazilian scientists said Thursday.

  2. Karoline Hegbom says:

    We humans are good at predicting things (even if you are from England, Brazil, America or Norway). But even how good we are at predicting future events of the world, it doesnt matter because this proofs that we can´t fight human nature.

  3. avery schuster says:

    This blog post is very shocking. When ever I think of the Amazon i associate it with lots of water and a very damp forest type of scene. I think this is what most people associate the Amazon with. The picture when you click the first link is amazing. There are lots of good facts and it is very interesting to see how the lack of water is effecting the Amazon so much.

  4. KT says:

    First of all, shocking. Just as Avery mentioned, I also thought of Amazon as flooded with water and damp, but looking at the picture in the first link got my flipped. This is a great lesson that we as a human should learn, the fact that we can’t predict the future. If place like this, Amazon, that we expect to be perfectly fine because it contains one of the biggest water resource, but it turns out to be the opposite, we should learn that our assumption isn’t alway correct.

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