Cheseapeake Bay Estuary; Microcosm of Our Water Story

Granted, this is a commercial from Siemens, a company which has a mission statement we should investigate as well as a need to satisfy its shareholders. Nevertheless, this video dramatizes the narrative, “if it’s on the ground, then it’s in our water” concept so well with eclectic viewpoints. Should we also define estuary?

View this for a greater appreciation for your past specialty or your next specialty. Or explain in your comment why this region is indeed a microcosm for the world’s future water issues. We can also add a new category, “water treatment.” With that in mind, where is the water treatment plant that services our water? Should we make a visit?


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4 Responses to Cheseapeake Bay Estuary; Microcosm of Our Water Story

  1. Ali says:

    This is a great video! I like how it talks about the problems of water, and then the solutions. One line in this video that stuck out to me was that anything that is in the ground or air will end up in water. Every person in this video knows how to make a difference with water and they are all trying. I like how even the fisherman are getting involved with this problem because they know the water better then anyone.

  2. 11kh says:

    This is a really good video to show our community to educate them of what is going on – it talks about the basic things that people take for granted. It also makes me happy to see that there are so many people out there facing this problem and taking responsibility and stepping up for this water issue. It is nice to nice that people care. I feel that they care because it is concerning them because of the fact that they are living near the water and therefore they see what it does to them – if only we could give our community this same feeling, trying to show them that this is also concerning them in order to motivate them to do something about it.

  3. avery schuster says:

    I loved this video. It was really personal so it made a greater effect on the meaning. The scenery of the bay is beautiful. It shows a community that has been created around a body of water. This commercial is also a great way to spread awareness about protecting bodies of water, not just for the clean water but also for all of the animals that live inside. The ending leaves a hopeful message for the wrest the worlds bodies of water.

  4. KT says:

    I personally believe that this is a great video for a presentation. It’s personal, but at the same time, it’s very informative. The way the video starts by introducing the history of the Cheseapeak Bay is intelligent. By that, it was able to compare the difference of the bay from past to present. Also, this video does a great job of warning the spectator about the big global issue that’s going on, water.

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