Newsletter Article 2 (draft)

In this article for the 2nd newsletter I am going to write about the impact of water crisis on women and children of the developing countries.
In developing countries women and children do not have a full life – their job/career is to walk several miles each day to get water for their family that is not even clean. The husbands goes to work, while the women´s and kids job is to provide with water instead of getting an education or real job of their own. On top of them having to spend half their day like this, they also receive water disease from the dirty water they provide their family. They are gambling with their own life by drinking that water, but everyone needs water so as of now they dont have a choice.
Lets give them a choice; the first thing we could do to help them is to get them transportation to get water from their homes. That way, they will not have not worry about getting dehydrated during the day from the long walk they do, and instead maybe focus on an education. If they can start receiving an education they might also be able to pay for the disease the dirty water gives them, or maybe they could even pay to get clean water?

Women Water Crisis

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2 Responses to Newsletter Article 2 (draft)

  1. Gerry LaPlante says:

    Good ideas here, Karoline. Dig in to get some really good data and specific stories from your good sources. You have a very important story to tell.

  2. bsullivan35 says:

    Agree with Mr. LaPlante. An image, too, might help. Try the and the National Geographic links.

    I deselected “uncategorized” and selected Newsletter. What other categories does your article fall under? Can you supply a working title? Sometimes a working title helps focus your points throughout each paragraph in your rough drafts.

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