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Water Engineer Story about the Mill River Catastrophic Flood, 1874

“In 1874, on the Mill River in western Massachusetts, an earthenwork dam gave way. A wall of water between 20- and 40-feet high and 300-feet wide rushed downstream. The flood destroyed almost everything in its path. Factories were crushed and … Continue reading

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Conservation Tillage improves water quality?

“Produce less bottled water” or “Use less water” are the comments that usually pop up during the argument of how to save water on Earth. On the bright side, a more efficient method has been discovered. It is called conservation … Continue reading

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Good Practice: Check Your Story (Hydrofracking) With Another Source

Given that we just finished Gas Land, it is always a good idea to see how other sources report that story. What do you think of this Time Magazine (a mainstream media source) report?,32068,876880045001_2062814,00.html By the way, if … Continue reading

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The Good and Bad About Dams

The Good and Bad About Dams The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) regulates work in the nation’s wetlands and waters, with a goal of protecting the aquatic environment, promoting responsible development, and working to ensure no net loss of … Continue reading

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The End Will Be Our Fault by Avery Schuster

The earth is rapidly changing. Animals and plants are going extinct at a rate that has been sped up one thousand times faster than the natural extinction rate . With the climate changing sea levels are no longer staying at … Continue reading

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What is the climate change doing to our Earth?

In this newsletter I want to focus more on how water is connected to climate change, and in which ways it is effecting us now and for how it will be the future. I want to write about the melting … Continue reading

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WAMC: Hydrofracking Raises New Yorkers’ Concerns (2011-04-11)

WAMC: Hydrofracking Raises New Yorkers’ Concerns (2011-04-11). Check out this news story about the Northeast Natural History Conference that focused on gas drilling and hydrofracking. One interesting quotation is that hydrofracking could be the “biggest environmental threat since the original … Continue reading

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