The End Will Be Our Fault by Avery Schuster

The earth is rapidly changing. Animals and plants are going extinct at a rate that has been sped up one thousand times faster than the natural extinction rate . With the climate changing sea levels are no longer staying at the same, which is causing different currents and water temperature. In some places droughts are according. The carbon dioxide that is being pumped into our atmosphere has messed up the natural carbon cycle and the earth can no longer keep its natural balance with all the carbon dioxide we produce. Animals and plants are dying off, seas are changing, and land is drying. We need to act now before it’s too late.
In the book, Hot, Flat, and, Crowded” Thomas Friedmann writes about a Chinese Soft- Shell turtle. This turtle is the only female Chinese Soft- Shell turtle people are aware of that is still alive. The turtle is now in a zoo where they are trying to mate it with a male so they can hopefully save than species. This is just one example of the many endangered species. Animals are not the only ones being affected by climate change; plants are as well. Since the atmospheres temperature is rising, droughts are occurring in many areas in the world. Plants are the first affected by this. Plants hold a very important purpose for the rest of life. Some animals eat plants, and then the animals who eat plants are eaten by other animals. The food chain is the basis of life and the carbon dioxide we pump into the air is affecting it. Every living thing holds a purpose. When these species are gone, their purpose will no longer be fulfilled. Because the extinction rate has sped up so much the new species that are developing are not occurring fast enough to stabilize the loss.
Humans need to find a new way to become less dependant on burning fossil fuels. This means find a new way to power our cars, lawn mowers, hair dryers, and just about everything we use everyday without a thought of how it is effecting the oceans. Wilson said, “The organisms most affected are likely to be the largest and most complex, including human beings.” (p. 183) Wilson is warning people that in the end humans will be affected greatly by the more and more change we undergo. Before we destroy more living things than we have already, we must find a solution.

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