What is the climate change doing to our Earth?

In this newsletter I want to focus more on how water is connected to climate change, and in which ways it is effecting us now and for how it will be the future. I want to write about the melting ice bergs, the high rising sea level, the droughts, a new ice age and so on. From writing this newsletter I believe that I can carry a message out to our community by becoming more aware of these issues. People are always complaining about something; weather it is too hot, or too rainy and so on. I want to lecture them of why we have this “cycle”, why they are all so important, and what happens if one of them starts disappearing. I also want to put a small touch on the difference between weather and climate.
California is the most progressive environmental state. For a long time now they have been concerned about a drought because of the changing climate the state is living in. Luckily, the worlds climate this year changed, and made every season more extreme than it has been in a long time. This caused the winter in California to get more snow, and therefore resulted in a lot of melting ice going down in the rivers to become possible drinking water, it is also more potential freshwater.

California declared a drought in 2009.



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