Stewardship, Innovation and New Partners

Though the science data suggests that as a species human beings, particularly Americans, need to change their lifestyles in order to mitigate climate change, there are striking examples of innovators in our culture who are discovering innovated new paths and others who champion and model stewardship for the environment and the next generation(s) who will use of it.

New Partners: The first media is a clip involving surfers who are understanding the plastic problem in our culture and offering simply ways to rethink; notice how they feature the Story of Stuff star, Annie Leonard, and reconsider the “R” in recycle. Recall how Thomas Friedman taught us how 20th century environmentalist are discovering that new movements and partnerships are springing up from all segments of our culture.

I introduced Sarah Harmer in the winter term, and am pleased that this model of stewardship and her movement (PERL) has delayed quarry work in the Escarpment.

Check out this story of an individual who invented a new type of grass that requires less water:

This story models Friedman’s cry for innovation and illuminates how we can use an innovative mindset to try new ways to solve our problems. Though we perhaps already spend too much money and energy on our lawns in America, this new type of grass could help Americans balance their need for “green” lawns with the impact lawn care has on local ecosystems. It also interesting to note how Madnick uses the Scientific Method to solve his problem, but ultimately his mother was an early and important inspiration.


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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