Water effects on humans

A critical issue of the effect of water on humanity…
These past months, we have talked about several different water crisis. It is hard to pick out only one crisis to share with you, because they all have such a negative impact on the world. Right now there are severe floods around in the world making a lot of damaging, but there are also people who don´t have water at all. Is it not ironic? Some people need it, and others need to get rid of it in order to save themselves. If we only had magical powers to move around on the water where it is needed and not. We need water to survive, so maybe it is better with too much, rather than with not enough? A critical issue regarding water now is that there are so many people in the world who doesn’t have clean water, and who doesn’t have water at all – It is torture! This has been a problem for a long time. Even though we have great organizations supporting this problem, it will most likely keep being a problem in the future because it is effecting so many people, if not too many people. There is too much need in the developing nations, they need help, and we can help them. However, we can´t stop Mother Nature, we might be able to reduce our gas exchange but in the end we are powerless – Mother Nature will play its course.

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One Response to Water effects on humans

  1. 11aas says:

    This is written really well! I relaly like it. Iv never really thought about how people struggle to get rid of too much water in some places in the world and how others are trying to get any drop they can. I also liek your ending. It is very powerful

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