Critical Water Issue

One critical issue the effect of water has on humanity is that the polar ice caps are melting. This is bad for several reason. One, this is fresh water stored in ice that just melts and falls into salt water. There is already a scarce amount of fresh water for humans to use and with the polar ice caps melting it leaves us with less fresh water to use. The polar ice caps melting also show us how we are emitting too much carbon dioxide into the air. Since 1973 to now, about half the polar ice caps are left. If we do not lower the amount of carbon dioxide that we emit, we are lowering the amount of fresh water that we can access in the polar ice caps.

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3 Responses to Critical Water Issue

  1. KT says:

    First of all, great picture. It really grabbed my attention. Secondly, I like how you continue to state about Ice Polar Caps. You have been working on this topic for a long time, and it’s great that you continue to work on one subject in depth!!

  2. 11aas says:

    I agree with KT love this picture. It grabbed my attention right away. I find the Polar Ice Caps melting a fasinating topic and it shocked me that since 1973 half of the ice has melted! thats scary!

  3. 11kh says:

    This picture definitely draws a lot of attention it. I didnt know much about the Polar Ice Caps, so I found this very interesting. I agree with Avery, this is very scary! This is something that more people should be aware of.

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