Rain Causes The Mississippi To Flood

Over the course of the past couple weeks, we have been getting drenched with rain. Everyday, it is a constant disappointment to look outside and see the rain once again. Just last week, the Mississippi River flooded. This is not an unusual thing for the river, because it has flooded many times before. But, this time, the river was less then a foot under the record flood level of The Mississippi River. Right now, the flood is traveling down The Mississippi River and is making its way into the state of Mississippi. By the end of this month the flood is expected to have reached the Gulf of Mexico. The flood of The Mississippi River can have an extremely negative effect on humanity. The lives of the people who live near the river can be altered due to flooding of their own homes and their own personal belongings. Thankfully, this flood is supposed to be gone very shortly.

The image below is a photo from another persons blog. It shows a woman walking through the flooded streets caused by the Mississippi River.

The link to her blog is listed below:


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2 Responses to Rain Causes The Mississippi To Flood

  1. 11aas says:

    I like how your topic is about this! We had talked a bit in class about it but not much. I also like how you related this to the rainy weather we have had this spring.

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