Water and its Effect on Humanity

Over the course of this term I have gained an appreciation for water that I have never had before. Every day people use water with out thinking about it. When brushing your teeth, washing your hands, cooking, watering the lawn, it is even used to make things we use everyday. Water is the key essential to life. My first article I focused in about water and its health benefits behind it. People need to consume about eight glasses of water to stay perfectly hydrated. Most Americans with access to potable water,just about everywhere they go, do not drink this much. Even the slightest dehydration effects humans. Symptoms are fatigue, hunger, and slow thought process. Sever dehydration can ultimately cause death. Many people in the world who are not as fortunate to have a clean drinkable tap water near by have to walk miles a day just to get enough drinking water to survive the day. Lots of the time the little water they can gather is not safe to drink and they risk their lives every time they have a sip of water. Potable water is a scarce thing in this world that the people who are privileged enough to have it should conserve and feel very lucky.
Water does not only have power over our bodies but it has power over the earth. Global warming is causing extreme weather all over the world. The carbon cycle has been thrown off because of the mass amounts of CO2 that we pump into the earth’s atmosphere everyday. This is making the atmosphere warmer, which is increasing the water cycle. More water is being evaporated into the air creating more intense weather. Air pollution is not our only problem we are also polluting the water and the many creatures that live in the earth’s water. What is on the ground is in the water. The amounts of pollution that get put into our water is messing up clean water for humans to drink and damaging the eco systems that live in water.
Life truly is revolved around water. Civilizations are built all determined on where their water supply is. Every living thing needs a source of water in order to stay alive. With out water we would never have existed. We need to keep our earth clean to keep the waters clean and keep the existence of life!

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  1. bsullivan35 says:


    Its interesting how this organization focuses on children. Why is that such an effective pull on people who live comfortable lives?

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