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Water and its Effect on Humanity

Over the course of this term I have gained an appreciation for water that I have never had before. Every day people use water with out thinking about it. When brushing your teeth, washing your hands, cooking, watering the lawn, … Continue reading

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The End Will Be Our Fault by Avery Schuster

The earth is rapidly changing. Animals and plants are going extinct at a rate that has been sped up one thousand times faster than the natural extinction rate . With the climate changing sea levels are no longer staying at … Continue reading

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Humans have been changing the natural cycle that reduces carbon from the earths atmosphere since we started burning fossil fuel. The climate change does not just intensify the earths climate is causing sea levels to rise and in some areas … Continue reading

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Bacteria Kills More Than Bullets (draft)

Water Born Diseases 1. What is it? 2. How does it appear? a. What countries is it most common in? b. What about those countries makes the water problem? 3. How it affects people/communities a. Where the water is? b. … Continue reading

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Avery’s Speciality

My focus on water will be how it effects the human body and what people can do to improve their health. Water can affect your physical and mental well being. I will share facts and videos on how water benefits … Continue reading

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Water Used in the United States

Water Use in the United States Background Thermoelectric Irrigation Public Supply  Industrial Other Trends in Water Use  We use water every day—for drinking, for watering our lawns and gardens, for recreation, and for many uses that we don’t necessarily see … Continue reading

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Avery’s test

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