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Rain Causes The Mississippi To Flood

Over the course of the past couple weeks, we have been getting drenched with rain. Everyday, it is a constant disappointment to look outside and see the rain once again. Just last week, the Mississippi River flooded. This is not … Continue reading

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Climate Change effects Third World Countries

For poor countries, climate change and water are directly related. Because the climate is changing, it is going to make the water crisis for third world countries much more difficult. “Extreme variability of precipitation is expected to place 2.8 billion … Continue reading

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Water Bottle Scam (draft)

In my article, I will be talking about how Water Bottle Companies are scamming the public. I will talk about the marketing part of the water bottle companies, and what they do to scam us. Not many people know about … Continue reading

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Ali’s Specialty

My project is going to be about the business of water. Things that involve the business of water are how much Suffield spends on water, and how much water is used across the United States daily and annually. I would … Continue reading

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Business of Water

Fortune Magazine

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Friedman Video

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