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The Water Crisis!

Water is becoming more and more precious as its supply continues to be used throughout the world. Especially the amount of water poured into the agriculture is infinitely huge. Starting from past, water has been fundamentally supplied to agriculture, especially … Continue reading

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Conservation Tillage improves water quality?

“Produce less bottled water” or “Use less water” are the comments that usually pop up during the argument of how to save water on Earth. On the bright side, a more efficient method has been discovered. It is called conservation … Continue reading

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Climate Change=Water Problem??

I personally believe that climate change has huge impact on waters. As Karoline mentioned, when ice bergs start to melt, the water level is increasing. This might sound good the fact that we have more water, but the truth is … Continue reading

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Economics of bottle water industry-K.T Kim 2nd Newsletter topic (draft)

My second newsletter topic is The Economic of Bottle Water Industry. Generally, it will dig into the areas of how the bottle water industries gain their profit through the production of bottle water. There are many ways for the bottle … Continue reading

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KT’s Specialty

My specialty is Global Management. My job is to research and manage the data of global water problem. Especially on the areas of how much the water is spent globally everyday. People around the world does not recognize how much … Continue reading

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California Water Crisis!! Take a LOOK !!! KT. This is a great site. Interestingly, although the Suffield community does not share the same conditions of the water crisis in California, we share the same goal of hoping to educate the public about the state of our … Continue reading

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Water Fact!! Take a Look!

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