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Critical Water Issue

One critical issue the effect of water has on humanity is that the polar ice caps are melting. This is bad for several reason. One, this is fresh water stored in ice that just melts and falls into salt water. … Continue reading

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Does Climate Cause Water problems

I don’t think that climate changes cause water problems. Climate change is a key factor that causes water problems, but it’s not the only one. Human beings are the ones that are causing the climate to change, which ends up … Continue reading

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Water Treatment Plant draft

Intro: History of sewage: what happened to waste in colonial times Purpose of  water treatment plants What people have done in the past with water waste What could happen if there weren’t any water treatment plants Problems without water treatment … Continue reading

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Punn’s Specialty

My specialty would be about the water problems in agriculture. I would focus on areas such as California and show how farmers are using too much water. I could also show what happens when they let all of their waste … Continue reading

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