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Stewardship, Innovation and New Partners

Though the science data suggests that as a species human beings, particularly Americans, need to change their lifestyles in order to mitigate climate change, there are striking examples of innovators in our culture who are discovering innovated new paths and … Continue reading

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Marketing Bottled Water–Historical Ad Campaign

Check out this documentary on the most successful advertising campaign in the advertising world. Hal Riney, featured in this film, was the writer of the Perrier commercials that began the bottle water trend in our market. More on Hal Riney. … Continue reading

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Economics of bottle water industry-K.T Kim 2nd Newsletter topic (draft)

My second newsletter topic is The Economic of Bottle Water Industry. Generally, it will dig into the areas of how the bottle water industries gain their profit through the production of bottle water. There are many ways for the bottle … Continue reading

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Water Bottle Scam (draft)

In my article, I will be talking about how Water Bottle Companies are scamming the public. I will talk about the marketing part of the water bottle companies, and what they do to scam us. Not many people know about … Continue reading

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