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Rain Causes The Mississippi To Flood

Over the course of the past couple weeks, we have been getting drenched with rain. Everyday, it is a constant disappointment to look outside and see the rain once again. Just last week, the Mississippi River flooded. This is not … Continue reading

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Water and its Effect on Humanity

Over the course of this term I have gained an appreciation for water that I have never had before. Every day people use water with out thinking about it. When brushing your teeth, washing your hands, cooking, watering the lawn, … Continue reading

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Stewardship, Innovation and New Partners

Though the science data suggests that as a species human beings, particularly Americans, need to change their lifestyles in order to mitigate climate change, there are striking examples of innovators in our culture who are discovering innovated new paths and … Continue reading

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The End Will Be Our Fault by Avery Schuster

The earth is rapidly changing. Animals and plants are going extinct at a rate that has been sped up one thousand times faster than the natural extinction rate . With the climate changing sea levels are no longer staying at … Continue reading

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What is the climate change doing to our Earth?

In this newsletter I want to focus more on how water is connected to climate change, and in which ways it is effecting us now and for how it will be the future. I want to write about the melting … Continue reading

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Does Climate Cause Water problems

I don’t think that climate changes cause water problems. Climate change is a key factor that causes water problems, but it’s not the only one. Human beings are the ones that are causing the climate to change, which ends up … Continue reading

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Climate Change effects Third World Countries

For poor countries, climate change and water are directly related. Because the climate is changing, it is going to make the water crisis for third world countries much more difficult. “Extreme variability of precipitation is expected to place 2.8 billion … Continue reading

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